sweat & burn

meditative flow

Gentle mobility movement guides the body, no force, just flow. Practice is about how it feels inside not the to try to reach a certain shape. Ulle will guide you through your own personalised practised and will be there to remind you that there is not end goal but to enjoy the moment as it is. Every transition between postures is meditation, we just somehow seem to forget this. 



Lets face it, we are all mad! And we tend to beat ourselves up a lot over e.g. not being good enough not lovable, the list goes long quickly. During these sessions we learn to observe thoughts and what they really are. We are working to learn the difference between acting rather than reacting blindly, and make sure actions are in line with values in your life like health, relationships and work. 

Influenced from power yoga / vinyasa flows, however Ulle draws inspiration from her own experience of growing up with sports. In these classes she encourages to warm up every corner of your body so we safely strengthen muscles to keep our bodies strong for a long life. However, we need to balance out the hard work with a big dose of fun, so prepare to break a sweat as well as laughs.

1-2-1's and small groups

Ulle works on a private basis with clients, please do get in touch if you would like to explore your practice on a more personalised level.  They say one hours private guiding is worth more than ten hours in a group, so if you are looking to take your yoga practise further, work around injuries or explore those areas that challenges you the most at the moment, please do get in touch to discuss options.

take wellbeing to work

Ulle's group sessions are catered to the groups requests of style, what you want to work on, and what you might need more of. These sessions are guided in a clear and easy way to encourage body confidence and space for discovery. Because Ulle has a mischiefs side she will bring a smile to your face as we flow through your yoga experience. Classes are uplifting yet grounding because of the space we create in our bodies to feel good.

Shortly after moving to beautiful Bristol I started the Yoga Like Water tt with Dan Peppiatt. And feel truly bless to be part of this tribe of free thinking teachers. Committed to a life of teaching yoga back to others from my own perspective, taking inspiration from various workshops, teachers, practises and movements all over the world.


We truly have an amazing power within us to change our set ways and habits to be free in our bodies and find a genuine gratitude for life. We might be a little vulnerable, we might be nervous, we might be scared. But the positive changes outweighs the negative, so let's get started. Contact me about any questions about your practise or general inquiries, I'm here to help.

"Your mind is a scary place, don't go there alone" - Annie Van Rensburg

Peas and Love,





Phone: 07481912512


Available for private classes, hendo/stagdo, events, festivals, workshops or just general questions about your practise. I'm here to help.

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