a sqeeze to find ease: in you Wheel


5th of May 11:00am - 13:00pm

£15, or Move GB.

A lot of people suffer from pain caused by a weak "core" but a lot of people don't realise that it's more to the "core" than just the "6-pack". What is a agonist/antagonist muscle? And how to use that knowledge to find ease in the pose and to deepen your understanding of it's purpose. Through this class/workshop you will go through a fun, well-rounded vinyasa sequence with some funky twists to the poses you already know. 

We will activate muscles that are needed to proceed into longer holds and deeper stretches, such as warriors, pigeons, and eventually progress into wheel. You will get an insight to how and why we need to strengthen the signals from our brain to our glutes and activate the parts of our body that will protect our lower back when moving in to backbends variations. We will spend a bit of time preparing for wheel and you will learn drills to practise and strengthen your body. 

Lets explore our fears or attachment to the wheel pose or maybe what's holding you back to practise it. We all have injuries, either in the present moment or if the fear of the pain linger in our memory.

This class / Workshop is open to anyone who would like to get a deeper understanding how to prepare your body properly to prevent injury, and to explore your own bodys ability to find ease in the pose or at least find your unique comfortable level of your back-bending and stay there until your body (and mind) is ready to try a different dimension of the pose. We will use lots of props for all type of bodies, ages and experiences.


Be prepared to sweat, laugh, swear and feel amazing as you will focus on finding strength through the "core" of your body




Also available on Move GB.



A squeeze to find ease: In your Wheel

Saturday 6th of May. 11:00am

Cost: £15 or Move GB.

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