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The Magic of Journaling

Updated: Jul 10

Writing down thoughts has got me a sense of clarity. It’s more than just a diary. Diaries actually never really helped me, I always got to lost in my own head that I believed what I wrote down. And we know that is NEVER a good thing! I just kept on writing what what thought for the time being was until I was exhausted but never felt any better from it. It might work for some but not for me, I alway felt like a HiiT workout or a quick run did the trick for me. 🤸🏼‍♀️

Journaling tho, is a different story. This is about writing down your goals/values and sticking to them. These help you stay on track. Stay moving to your goal. Stay on the path to the person you strive to be every day.

Please don't confuse this with a to-do-list, If you are writing down what you are doing for the day you will add more stress in our life more than get clarity.

So what are goals and values?


Here is the time to think about your dream in life. Life goals are essentially everything you want to do in life before passing on. They're the stuff people remember you by when you are no longer around. Why are goals so important? Setting goals gives you purpose, and they help you to guide your life. Think of life goals as your North Star to sail towards. Maybe it's a dream house on the country, starting a charity giving back to community, maybe it's to have a big family. Something you can look back at when you are old and be proud of.


Alonside your goals we look at the values. These will help us achieve our goals with integrity, boundaries and beliefs. Values are stable long-lasting beliefs about what is important to a person. They become standards by which people order their lives and make their choices. A belief will develop into a value when the person's commitment to it grows and they see it as being important.

Now I have a few things I follow when I write:

1#. 5 things I’m grateful for in life

2#. 5 things I love about myself

3#. 5 things sexy about me

4#. What do I believe in, what are my values?

5#. What are my long term goals

6#. What are my short term goals

7#. What value am I focussing on today?

These will chop and change, trust me. Some days I just read back what I wrote the day before and some days I write like a maniac. Also these questions are personal to me right now. They are inspired from different lineages of personal development/meditation. These questions helps me channel my thoughts. If you play around with your own journaling, let me know!

When a lot of change is happening in your own life this can be a good practise to come back to to feel anchored in yourself and find your way.

Share your answers in the comments below 👇🏻📝 If this was helpful to you then please share!



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