• Ulle Jonsson

Why My Practise Changed With A Decent Yoga Mat

Updated: Jul 23

A lot of people have delved deeper into yoga during lockdown and a lot of you have been asking for good quality Yoga mats.

A good yoga mat most definitely isn't essential in your yoga practise at all, but for me I found that when I didn't feel supported by the floor and my my knees hurt, I was slipping with my sweaty hands, it totally sucked the fun out of practising Yoga for sure...

I had a barrier between me and my practise routine.

I felt myself getting frustrated and I finally caved in and got myself a eko® yoga mat 6mm. Extra thick to support my bony knees.

I kept it at the same place every day, it was my sanctuary. It was like I could just look at it and it made me calm.

I couldn't wait to get on it in the morning or after work!

I felt my movements became more fluid and my balance more stable. However, that could arguably be because I was practising more. I just don't know...

Even if i don't practise like I use to, it still my one companion. I haven't bought a yoga mat since then.

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My personal favourite is the eko® yoga mat 6mm.

Ive had mine for about 9 years now and it supports me and keeps away the cold of the floor. They have a whole range of eco friendly, recycled, cork and eco-tech mats.

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Happy Yoga-ing!

Ulle xoxoox



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