Yoga & Brunch

Ulle & Chole are proud to offer a magical Yoga & rescued food Brunch - Christmas style!

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In the middle of holiday celebrations we are delighted to offer a morning of yoga followed by a brunch that’s not only healthy for our bodies but also raises the awareness how we source our food.


Our aim is use as much rescued, wasted and surplus food as possible sourced from local businesses. We use food that is fresh and still perfectly useable, but would otherwise be thrown away for silly reasons like broken packaging or even as simple as the item being less aesthetically pleasing to the customer.


We want this to be a place to connect with new people, however this is also a great opportunity to catch up with friends / family and spend some quality time together. By using rescued ingredients we are able to keep the costs down, making this event affordable to as many people as possible. So take a moment for yourself and help to support our planet by joining this beautiful morning of happiness.


The Yoga

Ulle will take you through a yoga class that will warm up your body and build up an appetite, she will guide you through different mobility exercises that will kickstart your digestion and prepare you for a healthy brunch to follow.

The candlelight room and enchanting music will help to release tension and sooth the nervous system, a perfect way to relax after too many to-do’s around christmas time, here we are allowed to be cared for and simply just be.

The menu

Indulge in fluffy pancakes, seasonal fruits and maple syrup, with a sweet touch of christmas. Bread from the bakery next door, sweet and spicy baked beans, garlic mushrooms etc. Drink it down with smoothie shots, spicy almond hot chocolate and more.

Note that every event will have its own menu, naturally we waste certain foods at different times of the year, we make the most of whatever is accessible.


£25 ticket


9th of December

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Phone: 07481912512

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